In the topic of “Parenting Self-Care,” the big question is “Why should I put myself first?“. Without a doubt, the parenting role is one of the most difficult social roles in life. It is bound up with constantly responding to needs – those of your partner, those of your child and your own. It’s not hard to get lost in these relationships and self-care can start to seem, more like an obligation than a positive attitude towards yourself. A personal attitude towards an issue is the strongest motivator, so today we bring you an answer to the question “Why is it important to put your needs first?“. Here are just a few of the reasons:

  1. Makes you a better parent – When you feel satisfied, you can handle everyday situations more effectively and with more attention. This includes how you treat your children.
  2. Relieves you from unnecessary guilt – Understanding why your own needs are important gives you the ability to have a clearer view of what your child really needs and where the line is between wants and needs. You can set boundaries without feeling guilty.
  3. Understand your child better – If you don’t know how to talk through your own needs, you would have a hard time with your child’s.
  4. You model self-care in your child – Children learn from you. A parent who knows how to take complete care of themselves raises children who can accomplish the same.

It is also worth noticing that many parents treat self-care as a synonym of self-indulgence. The difference between the two terms, essentially, is the outcome. Self-care habits, like eating balanced meals or exercising regularly, help you stay healthy and at the top of our game. Self-indulgent habits, like binge watching TV or avoiding important responsibilities, tend to be short-term fixes rather than real solutions to health needs.

Parents often focus so much on their children that they have no time for themselves.Sometimes, it might be hard to carve in time for something as simple as getting dressed—let alone anything that improves social or professional health. But when you take time to care for yourself every day, you’re looking out for your loved ones just as much as you are caring for yourself.

Remember that your needs are important and that you deserve to get some of them met, even while you are primarily focused on taking care of other people.  Your children will be better off if they have a parent who models self-care and who has the energy to care for them.  And you will be more likely to experience the joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment that parenting can bring you.

Author: Venera Simeonova

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